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Emily (Brennan) Stuis.jpg

Emily Stuis

Think & Act Like An Entrepreneur: Lessons from a Corporate Innovation Program:
Discovery: What need are you meeting?
Design: Is it human-centered design?
Experimentation: Assumption Assessment + Experimentation Plan

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Gustavo Bottan

Value Proposition Drill Down: This is for teams who want to strengthen and workshop their value proposition or problem solution fit. How you frame and express your value proposition is crucial to your and others understanding of your business’s core value.
(See Optional Feb Homework for recommendations by Gustavo)

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Malcolm Howard

Talking to Customers: Come listen to a cautionary tale about founder's bias and asking the wrong questions. In this workshop, you'll discover how to get customers to tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear, and learn how to pivot your business model using customer feedback. This is a valuable exercise for all teams at all levels to improve their customer communication, and ultimately should be leading your product/service development.

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Eric Crawley

Focusing startups on what is important: Why do most startups fail? How do you really get to know your customers? What does customer discovery mean and how do you ""talk to humans"" -

Come prepared by reading Talking to Humans

Earlier Event: February 22
GAN Onboarding Call
Later Event: February 22
Speed Dating