Score Sheet Results:

Find out what your peers, cat herders, and, if you presented on Sunday, the judges had to say.  
Note there are MULTIPLE TABS, check them all out!

How to Follow-Up:

Want to followup with someone you met? One rule: be awesome.
How can you be awesome (and effective) you ask?

  • Mention VVM in the subject line so they remember who you are and know why to open the email.
  • Thank them at the start.
  • Know that if they reply, it is a gift, and respect it as such.
  • Tell them how awesome they were (why they impacted you).
  • Thank them at the end.

EIR Workshops - Friday

Gustavo Bottan.jpg

Gustavo Bottan

Value Proposition drill down. This is for teams who want to strengthen and workshop their value proposition or problem solution fit.  How you frame and express your value proposition is crucial to your and others understanding of your business’s core value.  

Kristin Leutz Web (1).jpg

Kristin Leutz - schedule office hours here

ACKKKK - I can’t believe I have to do presentations in front of people with slides! This is for any team newer to presenting in front of groups or with slides.  Public speaking basics, slides do’s and don’ts and general best practices.

Steven Bellofatto.jpg

Steve Bellofatto

Differentiation & The Competitive Landscape. Knowing your startup’s Value Propositions and Customer Segments inside and out is vital to your success. You also need to clearly identify and differentiate your startup from both direct and indirect competitors. This is part research, marketing and positioning.

Zaza Kabayadondo.jpg

Joe Bush and Zaza Kabayadondo

Interviewing/Talking to Customers.  A hands-on workshop in discovering how to get customers to tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. This is a valuable exercise for all teams at all levels to improve their customer communication and ultimately should be leading your product/service development.

Joe Bush.jpg


Bethany Martin

What’s Your Story? The best way to connect with your audience is to tell a compelling story that will be remembered and told to others. Storytelling can be the basis for building an authentic engagement with your audience that will then help you grow your business. 

Alumni Panel - Friday

Entrepreneur War Story Speaker - Saturday

Judges - Sunday

David O'Leary

David O'Leary