Pre-Accelerator 2019 

January 31st and February 1st
Hosted at VVHub in Springfield, MA
Agenda here


We’ve invited more of you than we have spots in the program for - that means this is the last screening before we start our cohort on February 21st (check the key dates here for the full program). You’ll meet your peers, Entrepreneurs and Executive in Residence (EIRs) and mentors. You’ll do workshops with each of these groups.

We hope that our pre-accelerator provides valuable information that you can take home with you to implement in your startup. See you in January!

Goal Setting Workshop

In one-on-one workshops led by mentors and EIRs, startups will work on defining their goals for the first part of 2019. You’ll be using a Google Sheet to start to think about what you want to be doing.
Download the Goal Setting Google Sheet template here. You have to make a copy!

By January 31st, you’ll upload your document to a shared VVM folder, where VVM will collect it and create a packet for the mentors to review. You can find that folder here. Please name your sheet [Company Name]-Goals.
Here’s quick information on uploading to Google Drive.

In the sheet, you’ll also find a worksheet on writing SMART Goals, with examples. The mentors will be looking for goals written in this way and will help you get your goals into this format for the next 6 months. Under the January goals, you’ll see that Customer/Product/Funding have little tabs in the corner of the cells. Scroll over these cells to see notes that will help you think about those three categories.

For now, you just want to fill in your goals column on the template. You can write them as paragraphs, you can write them in as show in the first few boxes, you can do it a different way. The most important thing is that you complete this before January 31st so that we can share it with the mentors.

If you need more help, schedule a group meeting with us here. See you in January!

Pitch & Pivot

This is a small group activity where you will present a basic 2 minute presentation based on this Anti-Pitch template. This will start to give our EIRs an idea of your goals for the program and learn a little more about your company. You can use this template exactly as is or add in your branding. What matters is that you have a chance to answer the questions on the slides.

Each startup will have the opportunity to pitch for 2 minutes to a small group. The EIR will provide feedback and ask questions over 3 minutes. The startup will then have the remaining time to either watch the other startups present or update their presentation. There is an additional 15 minute break. Startups will then pitch in the same order with their updated presentation. You do not have to pitch with your slides the second time around, though it is recommended. Each startup will have approximately 45 minutes to update their speech and/or slides.

At the conclusion of this activity, EIRs will provide the staff with feedback and the startups will take a snack & coffee break.

Your slides should be uploaded to this folder before January 31st. Format: Company Name_Anti-Pitch
Here’s quick information on
uploading to Google Drive.