Core Concepts: Provide a judging process that reinforces and adds value to programming and mission of Accelerator - be a catalyst for venture maturity/make them investment ready.  
Goal: Make process, judging and scoring fair, understandable and transparent.

This is listed in a detailed step-by-step fashion. Please be sure to review all portions of this page:
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Peer judging will determine the Top 12 Finalists through a fair and transparent scoring process. 

Each startup will present an 8 minute pitch, followed by 8 minute Q & A from a peer judging panel comprised of the 30 teams who are NOT in their herd. Startups not presenting and not in the current herd will be selected randomly to contribute to the Q & A. 

Each startup is required to have one and the same delegate for both days of semi-finals, casting votes for every startup not in their herd. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the Top 12 Finalists. Coming in late, leaving early, or missing scoring every team (except for your herd) in any way will disqualify you from the Top 12 Finalists.

We normalize all of our scores MIT style, so that all scores come out fairly. This includes dropping both the highest and lowest scores from your score and using standard deviation, the mean of the scores and the z-score to come to a final score for you. This allows us to account for individuals and groups that are overly generous or very stingy with their scores.


Scoresheet here.

Presentation (optional template): 

  1. Requirements:

    1. No more than eight (8) minutes long. 

    2. Google Presentation format.

    3. The file name must be named {MyCompanyName}_May.  

    4. Your presentation MUST cover all the topics covered in the scoresheet.  It is recommended (but not required) that you present them in the same order as the optional template and/or scoresheet.

    5. You must deliver your final version of your presentation into your herd’s subfolder in the May Presentations Folder by Friday, May 4th at 8:30 AM. (NO EDITS ARE ALLOWED AFTER THIS TIME FOR ANY TEAM FOR ANY REASON.)

  2. Check your peer percolate feedback here (from April).


Pitches are grouped by your herd. Startups within each herd will present in random order.  Each startup will present for 8 minutes followed by a 8 minute peer-led Q & A (startups will be randomly selected and should ask a question based on the question they gave the lowest score too) and 2 minutes to complete the score sheet.

Each group pitch session will take approx. 3.5 hours [9 x 20 minutes + 15 minute break after 3 teams]. There will be four group pitch sessions, shown below.

Pro tips: 

  • Have one/same delegate both days
  • Delegate comes in on time both days
  • Delegate stays until the end of all voting on both days
  • Delegate casts votes for every startup not in their herd


Friday, May 4

8:00 AM - Presentations uploaded here!
8:30 AM - Friday presenting teams confirm slides


Group A (Tigger/Hobbes)

9:00 AM - Dragonfly Archery
9:20 AM - Apollo
9:40 AM - NuHalu
10:00 AM - BREAK
10:15 AM - Taag
10:35 AM - Zimora Studio
10:55 AM - Globr
11:15 AM - BREAK
11:30 AM - Nymser Labs LLC
11:50 AM - EmbraceRace
12:10 PM - WeThrive

12:30 PM - Lunch

Group B (Hobbes/Garfield)

1:30 PM - aligrace
1:50 PM - Phytos Therapeutics
2:10 PM - Homestead Inc
2:30 PM - BREAK
2:45 PM - adopets
3:05 PM - Qnected
3:25 PM - BSS Additive
3:45 PM - BREAK
4:00 PM - MealVista
4:20 PM - Connect2nicu
4:40 PM - Wholebeing Institute

5:00 PM - Wrap Up

Saturday, May 5

8:00 AM - Presentations uploaded here! (By Friday!)
8:30 AM - Saturday presenting teams confirm slides


Group C (Nala/Cheshire)

9:00 AM - Fabber
9:20 AM - Smoothie Pro
9:40 AM - ACEA
10:00 AM - BREAK
10:15 AM - Rising Sons
10:35 AM - Music Box Licensing
10:55 AM - NSV Online Radio
11:15 AM - BREAK
11:30 AM - Oak & Ash Farm Distillery
11:50 AM - Heroes, Horses and Hounds
12:10 PM - Obzerv

12:30 PM - Lunch

Group D (Cheshire/Sylvester) 

1:30 PM - Venutopia
1:50 PM - ReStyle
2:10 PM - BREAK
2:25 PM - BLENDi
2:45 PM - MedKairos Inc.
3:05 PM - SolarFi
3:25 PM - BREAK
3:40 PM - Aclarity
4:00 PM - OmPractice
4:20 PM - Innovation Cooperative 3D, LLC

4:40 PM - Wrap Up

Top 12 Teams announced and all results shared/distributed no later than end of day Wednesday, May 16th.