Memorable May

Decisions, Decisions

Core Concepts: A judging process that reinforces and adds value to programming / a catalyst for venture maturity and investment readiness.  

Outcomes: A fair, understandable and transparent scoring process that results in the distribution of a pool of equity-free grant funding.

This is listed in a detailed step-by-step fashion. Please be sure to review all portions of this page:


Peer judging will determine the Top 5 Finalists through a fair and transparent scoring process. 

Each startup will present an 8 minute pitch (the same template as April), followed by 5 minute Q & A from your peers who are NOT in their herd. Your peers who are not presenting and not in the current herd will be selected randomly to contribute to the Q & A. 

We normalize all of our scores MIT style, so that all scores come out fairly. This includes dropping both the highest and lowest scores from your score and using standard deviation, the mean of the scores and the z-score to come to a final score for you. This allows us to account for individuals and groups that are overly generous or very stingy with their scores. This is the same scoring criteria we used during the Peer Review process. If you would like to review the scoring process to understand it in depth, please email Dorota to set up a call.

Please note: Coming in late, leaving early, missing scoring every team (except for your herd) or refusing to participate when called on in Q &A in any way will disqualify you from the Top 5 Finalists.
Discretion given to VVM Staff and EIRs. Decisions are final.


Presentation Requirements:

  1. No more than eight (8) minutes long (you will see a timer in front of you)

  2. Google Presentation format.

  3. The file name must be named {MyCompanyName}_MAY.  

  4. The rest of your presentation MUST cover all the topics covered in the Peer Percolate Presentation template. You do not have to go in the same order as the template. You should include an ask at the end of your presentation (tips coming soon.)

  5. You must deliver your final version of your presentation into the finals folder by Wednesday, May 15th.

  1. Tips:

    1. Check your peer percolate feedback from last month here.

    2. Review the Scoresheet!


Pitches are grouped by your herd. Startups within each herd will present in random order.  Each startup will present for 8 minutes followed by a 5 minute peer-led Q & A (startups will be randomly selected and should ask a question based on the question they gave the lowest score too) and 1 minute to complete the score sheet.


coming soon!


coming soon!